Jason & Candace

March 8, 2019


It's Finally Happening


You're Invited

On the 8th of March, 2019
Jason Durava & Candace Badger
Are getting Married in Clearwater, FL.


Our Story

Jason and Candace first picture ever taken together Our First Picture Celebration Station 2011

Our First Picture

July 29, 2011
That day changed everything

Candace and I first met Febuary 11, 2011 but the month of July 2011 changed everything for us! It was the beginning of a relationship and a life time of happiness.

Jason and Candace first trip Cozmel, Mexico Our First Trip Cozmel, Mexico 2012

Our First Trip

March 05, 2012
Birthday Trip For Candace

Our first trip together was amazing, 6 day cruise on Carnival Paradise to Cozmel, Mexico. Could not have been a better first trip to take together! Amazing sites, the ship was beautiful and the culture in Mexico was very intresting. The fact that it was a suprise for my birthday didn't hurt either :)

Jason and Candace proposal in St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands St. Thomas 2012

How He Proposed

August 27, 2012
That Day Changed Everything

August 26th 2012 we set sail on the Carnival Victory for the Eastern/Western Carribean for what I thought was just a vaction. Our 2nd day in the port of St. Thomas, just before sunset changed our lives.

Disney World and Animal Kingdom trip Disney and Animal Kingdom Disney Trip 2018

Now We Are Together

August 24, 2018
Now We Are Waiting For The Best Part

Now 7 1/2 years later and putting the cart before the horse in many cases, we are getting married. The journey this far has seemed like a lifetime in itself and we are excited to be starting this next chapter of our lives.

Don't Miss It!

Gift Registry

Candace and I do not need anything so a gift registry is not being done. all we would like is to have our closest family and friends with us during this important time in our lives. Cards will graciously be accepted so we may reflect on this event in the furure. We thank you for joining us on this special day!

Are you attending?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be attending. It's important for us to get a head count quickly so we can make accommodations accordingly.


“ The best gift is your participation, thanks to all ”

Our Greatest Moments

These are some of the greatest moments we've shared together so far and we want to share them with you....

We're Engaged

St. Thomas 2012

We are engaged

We're Engaged

St. Thomas 2012

Our Family Grew By 2

Jace 2013

Baby Jace

Our Family Grew By 2

A.K.A. Baby Jace 2013

Our Family Grew By 3

Jayden 2014

Baby Jayden

Our Family Grew By 3

Baby Jayden

Our Family Grew By 4

Cassidy 2016

Baby Casidy

Our Family Grew By 4

Princess Cassidy A.K.A. Dumps

Our Last Family Picture With Jeff

Clearwater Beach 2017

Our last family picture together before Jeff had his stroke

Our Last Family Picture With Jeff

Clearwater Beach 2017


2405 Philippe Parkway,
Safety Harbor, Florida 34698


923 North McMullen Booth Rd,
Clearwater, Florida 33759


2539 Countryside Blvd - Suite 6,
Clearwater, Florida 33761

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